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For years we have been motivated to enrich people’s lives in a simple yet profound way—through interacting with snakes and other reptilian creatures. With a background in biology and theater, we merge entertainment and education in a way that fans the flames of wonder and curiosity, regardless if your person is 3 years old or 93 years young.

We believe that these reptilian presentations will be inspirational to your group. Whether you are planning a meaningful event for your kids, corporation, or school, you can feel relieved knowing your group will be well cared for.

Marissa’s background

Not every child easily gleans knowledge and becomes excited to learn through textbooks. I was such a student. However, retention came more easily to me when my senses were filled with sights, sounds, and textures. Hands-on experiences are not only how many of us learn, but also what excites, inspires, and stirs our hearts. This is why I began Realm of the Reptile over 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve honed my theatrical skills, graduated with a B.A. in biology, and have been featured on the Discovery Channel as a “Snake Expert.” I believe that people should NEVER lose their sense of WONDER and CURIOSITY. 

My ambition is to help children keep that “child-like sense of wonder,” and to help teens and adults to re-ignite that “eyes wide open” view of the natural realm. I firmly believe that “the wonder-filled life is a wonderful life”. I’m looking forward to meeting you at your home, your school, your conference, your college, or anywhere that lacks an extra “punch” of joy. Much love. Spread Wonder!

Andrew’s background

Texas-born and raised, and a self-taught people and nature enthusiast. I love bringing life, laughter, and depth to each life I have the honor of touching. I’ve been presenting on stage since I was a boy. During my teens I spent my summers in the woods at an outdoor summer camp and saw how the water, trees, animals, and sunshine helped the kids and leaders. Soon I too became a camp counselor. I taught loads of adrenaline-pumping rugged outdoor adventures to the crazy fun camp kids. When Marissa and I met, it was a perfect match. 

I LOVE sharing nature with kids and adults, especially simultaneously. I’m known for saying “Hi kids” to the children, and then looking to the older folks and saying “Hi, big kids!” Because that’s who we all really are, just people still growing. My firm belief is that we should keep becoming the best versions of ourselves. I also enjoy coaching entrepreneurs and public speaking along with Marissa. Turtles are my favorite reptile, but I love people even more. What a joy to be in your life. Thank you.

Emiley's background

One of the best asked questions is “why?”, and I was certainly one of those kids who asked that question a million times over. I think that anytime there is something one has a question about, an answer should be sought out. For me, animals provided such a huge realm of curiosity. I enjoy learning as much as I can about each one, and I love being able to share all their fascinating characteristics with others. 

I’ve enjoyed the stage since elementary and loved capturing an audience’s attention with the presentation I have to share. I am also working through my B.S. in biology with a concentration in herpetology and nothing excites me more than getting to share with others all the incredible things I learn about reptiles.

Kelsey's background

As for back as I can remember, animals have been a key part of my life. Getting to experience nature up close brought my desire to learn about them to another level. I would spend hours watching the crocodile hunter and ended up falling in love with the creatures that seemed so misunderstood.

I still love reptiles and so I was thrilled to provide my own children with a Realm of the Reptile experience since it is SO important it is to inspire kids (and adults) to see the beauty of animals of all shapes and sizes. I’m honored to be a part of helping YOU connect with nature through Realm of the Reptile, as well!

I’m happiest when I am with my family going on some kind of adventure! I have learned that even the simplest of tasks can be an adventure if you make it one. When I am in nature, hearing the birds chirp and my kids laugh sure makes me feel alive! In life we are meant to live, not just exist. This is why I love Realm of the Reptile—it is a breath of fresh air that is designed to whet the appetite for nature by inspiring people to get outdoors and to stay curious! I can’t wait to connect with you on the phone about your event!

Christopher’s background

When I was growing up, we would go to my family’s cabin high up in the mountains with oceans of pine trees and the freshest air you’ve ever smelled! One of my favorite memories was walking down to the lake down the street at night time with my cousins and catching frogs with a net and then releasing them back to the wild. It was such an adventure and every time we caught one we’d be in wonder at the miracles of nature.

One of my favorite before-school shows when I was in elementary school was “The Jeff Corwin Experience” on Discovery’s Animal Planet. I loved how he brought to life the subject of learning, biology and the countless exotic places and species of snakes, lizards, mammals and other animals in the jungle! I know getting to see all those different animals expanded my curiosity and possibilities in my mind.

Over the last decade, I’ve been passionate about sales, personal and professional development, communication, and coaching to support leaders and organizations to make a bigger impact and achieve their potential. That’s why I’m so grateful to be on the Realm of the Reptile team to serve leaders, schools, and organizations with shows and performances that inspire the audience. It brings me the greatest joy knowing each of our shows ignites a sense of awe and wonder for how special of a privilege it is that we get to live on this beautiful Earth!

Paige's background

Growing up my Dad loved snakes and always made sure that all 8 of his kids enjoyed them rather than being afraid of them. We even had a big boa for a while! My Dad would help us catch snakes in our backyard and we would most of the times be able to keep them. One time we caught a garter snake and it had babies! It was such a cool experience and I am always going to be thankful for my dad encouraging me to love reptiles instead of being afraid of them.

When I was a teacher I loved sharing the wonder of reptiles with my students by doing research and hands-on activities. Now that I am a mama, I enjoy having my little one get a hands-on experience with snakes when he is with my dad (my dad has 4 snakes). I love working with Realm of the Reptile by running their store and creating social media content, because I can encourage so many people to love reptiles too.

Some random facts about me:
1. I love being with my family
2. I love being able to work from home and representing Realm of the Reptile.
3. Nature walks is such a calming pastime my whole family loves to do.

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