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“AMAZING. From my initial call getting a quote and more info, to the communication between booking and the show day, and to the show itself – best experience ever! Marissa is a wonderful communicator, explaining things in detail, and the day of the show we communicated a handful of times. She is just so warm and friendly too! And then the show itself – LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I would have thought this was a show at like the Brooklyn Zoo. Can not believe we have someone like this in NE Ohio. Interactive isn’t a strong enough word. Everyone got a chance to pet, ask questions, and learn soooo much from her. Her passion for these reptiles is amazing. She also controlled our sometimes rambunctious crowd so well (lots of kiddos). The reptiles were so cool and docile and sweet! Obviously very well loved and cared for. If you’re hesitating to book, don’t. Just do it. It is absolutely worth it. Thank you Marissa for an unforgettable day!”Elise Croyle

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Want to bring LIFE to your party, school, or corporation? Let’s make YOUR event unforgettable!

Just imagine how that special someone will feel when they put a snake on their neck or lizard on their shoulder! Once they have the experience, they’ll never forget that day! Many people just like you have felt amazing afterwards, knowing that they’ve made a life-long impact in such a simple way–through hosting our engaging reptile presentation. From age 3-93 we will engage your audience and bond them together!

If you are open minded to this, then we have 3 format options for you. Let’s see what will work best for your special day! Call now