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Bring LIFE to your event! Watch their eyes open as we welcome YOUR group into the riveting world of reptiles!

This engaging presentation will pique everyone’s interest and give participants a memorable, tactile experience with you that they will cherish for years to come.

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Want to watch our origin story?

Want to bring LIFE to your party, school, or corporation? Let’s make YOUR event unforgettable!

Just imagine how that special someone will feel when they put a snake on their neck or lizard on their shoulder! Once they have the experience, they’ll never forget that day! Many people just like you have felt amazing afterwards, knowing that they’ve made a life-long impact in such a simple way–through hosting our engaging reptile presentation. From age 3-93 we will engage your audience and bond them together!

If you are open minded to this, then we have 3 format options for you. Let’s see what will work best for your special day! Call now