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“What a cool experience! Marissa and Andrew do such a good job showing their awesome variety of reptiles. Snakes, lizards, tortoises, and turtles abound in this cool reptile demonstration. We did this for a birthday party and it will be remembered for a long time. Highly recommend.”

- David Chovan​


“‘I feel so special!’ is what our son told us while we were there. One of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of gifting to my kiddo for his birthday. A big thank you to Marissa and Andrew for providing a one of a kind experience for kiddos like mine who love reptiles. Marissa is personable, professional, and enthusiastic about her work. The environment was warm and inviting, it smelt like Christmas! It was just a candle they happened to have lit, but it absolutely contributed to the warm and fuzzy Christmas morning like feeling that filled the room. At the end of the day, we would absolutely recommend Realm of the Reptile.”

- Brigette Menard


“Had Realm of the Reptile for our sons 9th birthday party. Can’t say enough about the team. Very professional and excellent communication. There were kids ages 3-12 and Marissa did a fantastic job keeping them interested and engaged. The kids (and the parents) enjoyed every moment. Highly recommended…thank you for the great memories!”

- Keaton Bullen


“This is our 2nd year having ‘Realm of the Reptile’ at our campground for our guests. Both times, first with Marissa and this year with Andrew, have been fantastic. They bring a variety of reptiles, are very entertaining with the kids and adults, and still very educational. We can’t wait to have them back next year.”

- Rhonda Rees


“We have seen Marissa at a show she did for our church’s summer camp and Andrew came to do a show for ours son’s birthday party. They both do such a great job! They are so friendly and engaging. All our friends went on and on about how great the show was. They were so knowledgeable and great with the kids. The birthday boy felt very special and loved being a special helper. They also gave him a really sweet gift which he was thrilled with and it was totally unexpected and so sweet!”

- Frances Brotherton


“Marissa, Words cannot express how amazing your show was at my daughter’s birthday party. My daughter is still beaming three days later and we’re still having guests tell us how much fun they had experiencing Realm of the Reptile – parents saying not only their kids, but they themselves, had the best time! The amount of interaction you let the kiddos have was wonderful and allowing my daughter to help present with you is definitely a core memory and something she is going to talk about the rest of her life.

- Hilary Ritter


“Andrew was amazing with the kids and us adults too! He was very informative and funny! This kids had a blast! My boys 5th birthday was the best yet! Thank you”

- Shelly Zuk


“We have had the great pleasure of having seen shows from both Andrew and Marissa.

What a fantastic experience it was not only for the children, but also for the adults! It was extremely interactive, entertaining and educational.

It is clearly apparent that what they both do, is a true labor of love! I highly recommend them for your next event. They will make it memorable, and a once in a lifetime experience.”

- Dina Lawton


“We hosted a virtual event with Realm of the Reptile for a corporate family event. They were amazing to work with. Andrew hosted the virtual show and was so engaging and interactive with the kids and audience. He showed us numerous reptiles up close and looped the kids into questions, comments and reactions. It was a great show and really appreciated by all attendees.
Thanks for a great performance! We all really enjoyed it!”

- Natalie Richardson


“Thank you so much for coming out to Springfield Assembly last night. The presentation was amazing. My kids were still talking about the animals this morning on their way to school. I was one of the teachers with the toddlers and they loved it too, so much. It was a blessing, thanks again 🥰”

- Diana Pichardo